Artist Ellen Jantzen ponders the afterlife

US-based conceptual artist and photographer Ellen Jantzen created this esoteric series following the deaths of both her parents.

Pondering the eternal question – where do we go when we die – Ellen renders a sequence of landscapes and imagined locations in her series, Place of Departure. Giving a conflicting sense of flux and stillness, activity and peace, the images vary from somewhat figurative to almost completely abstract.

Obviously an ongoing preoccupation of the artist, whose previous work includes a series named Disturbing the Spirits, Ellen described the headspace behind her series here:

“I feel that my life has fundamentally changed; but sometimes all seems the same. Where did my father go? What does a life mean after it leaves it’s body? Does the life-force rise and connect the terrestrial with the celestial or does it evaporate into thin air?”

Take a look at the images below. Via

ellen_jantzen_02 ellen_jantzen_03 ellen_jantzen_04 ellen_jantzen_05 ellen_jantzen_06 ellen_jantzen_07 ellen_jantzen_08 ellen_jantzen_09


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By snapme On Thursday, March 19 th, 2015 · In Art