Scott Biersack is a letterer, illustrator and designer based in the Arizona. Working for clients and agencies, he also pursues a number of personal projects including this one, part of a larger series called “Project365” and referred to as “Chalkboard Saturdays.”

Part of a desire to practice doing lettering in a large scale, this led Biersack to start working on a nearby enormous 8ft tall by 30ft wide public chalkboard that he discovered outside the COOR building of Arizona State University. And so it began, with Biersack getting up at 5am every Saturday morning to design and letter a new inspirational and/or motivational quote or phrases for the students on campus to see. Each piece took around 5-7 hours to complete.

Occasionally these creations were destroyed only a few hours after completion, because it is a public chalkboard and others were free to use it. Because of this, Biersack would have people ask him, “Don’t you get upset when people erase your work that you spend hours on?” His response: “it just gives me a reason to create another piece.” Take a look at some of his beautiful if not sadly temporal works below and go here to see more of this talented artist.

scott_biersack_01 scott_biersack_03 scott_biersack_04 scott_biersack_05 scott_biersack_06 scott_biersack_07 scott_biersack_08 scott_biersack_09 scott_biersack_010 scott_biersack_011 scott_biersack_012

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