David Zinn’s chalk drawings

The transient chalk and charcoal drawings of David Zinn are whimsical and cute. He sketches rabbits, mice and other critters interacting with street objects, found art, doorways and stairs, beautiful but ephemeral, sure to be washed away by the next rain fall.

You can see more of his work here.


whyso_koi_by_david_zinn_800w secret_admirer_by_david_zinn_800w pharmicey_wall_by_david_zinn_800w missing_the_hat_by_david_zinn_800w light_reading_by_david_zinn_800w grey_wolf_rescued_by_david_zinn_800w (1) grey_wolf_rescued_by_david_zinn_800w cat_prisoner_by_david_zinn_800w top Calk-Art-by-David-Zinn-8 Calk-Art-by-David-Zinn-10 Calk-Art-by-David-Zinn-1

By snapme On Thursday, September 25 th, 2014 · In Art ,Life