The vast frontier that is “space” conjures so many different ideas, from terror (did you see Gravity people?) to majesty, wonder, excitement, beauty and of course mystery. Well what about the soundscapes of space? Listening to a vast, calming warble from beyond our planet is pretty fascinating stuff, but from a technical point of view,  if you’re a DJ, musician, sound artist or independent film-maker, by having access to a cache of recordings from space can certainly come in handy.

Now thanks to those intrepid men and women over at NASA, who have uploaded thousands of authentic space sounds recorded during their many space expeditions over the years, you can access and use these with absolutely no copyrights, completely free. Using popular upload site Soundcloud, you’ll find the full gamut of sounds from infamous vocal clips (“Houston, we have a problem” and “The Eagle has landed”), to rocket sounds, the chirps of satellites and equipment, lightning on Jupiter, interstellar plasma and the white noise and whirring of radio emissions.

Here are a few of the upload here to check out. To see the full set go here. Via

By snapme On Thursday, October 23 rd, 2014 · In Art ,Life ,Music