Matthew Tischler lives and works in New York City and earned his BA in filmmaking and photography from Sarah Lawrence College.

This series was shot through window screens, netting and scrims, creating grid patterns that intentionally take the sharpest focal element of each image and create surreal and dreamy effects on otherwise ordinary set ups.

The artist says: “I employ these grids and barriers in order to dissect, pixelate, filter and flatten landscapes and space. Subjects and figures are broken apart and reconstructed in such a way that they are both integrated into their environments and isolated within them. None of the subjects in my photographs have any discernible features; rather, they are faceless characters whose identities are defined by their surroundings. Although the photographs originate from 35mm negatives, I hope to reference both video technology and painting techniques.”

Take a look at the images below that use this very original and interesting technique and go here to learn more about the artist.

tischler_01tischler_02 tischler_03 1 001 tischler_05 tischler_06 tischler_07 tischler_08 tischler_09 tischler_010 tischler_011 tischler_012 tischler_014 tischler_015 tischler_016 tischler_017

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