Nic Cage as everyone

JUSTIN RAMPAGE NicCageSpiderMan_JustinRampage2

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good Nic Cage meme but bam! here you go. Nic Cage as everyone shows old man Cage as … everyone … from the Pope to Tina Fey to the Brady (Cagey), bunch to the entire Harry Potter cast and so much more.

You can see more Nic here.

DION_YATES_demi_moore JEFF BELL Nicolas Potter J WARDnick as moses SCOTT ALBAUGH blackswan SONIC BOOOM nicAsOsama JOHAN ABAD nickcageXVI Michael Blohm-Nic Cage as Tina Fey Chris Dantona-The Cagey Bunch isaac evans-NicCage as SteveJobs RashidAlKamraikhiNCasLMS JayElSCUMBAG NICK CAGE PhillippeLangloisSNAGE1 NicCageasprincessLeilaFamRosetton CJKnowlesnixon-and-cage Olivier Graham Shark Chris Pietrantonio Bunny Whoopi photo 2 photo 5 Calen Coffman NicAsThomas


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