Now you can turn your brown eyes to blue for $5000

turn brown eyes to blue

We’ve had men walk on the moon, a cloned sheep, and now, ladies and gentlemen, science has crossed a new frontier: turning brown eyes to blue.

Once a dream for some forlorn owners of dark coloured peepers, scientists recently revealed that a simple laser treatment worth around $5000 can completely change your eye colour.

If you consider that coloured contact lenses will go for more than $20 a pop, this is a pretty sweet deal for dedicated blue-eye fakers. (Side note: Did you know prototypical California girl Paris Hilton has been wearing blue contacts since she was 16 years old? This breakthrough is right up her alley.)

So vanity and economics aside, the real question is – how does it work? Well to put it simply: under every brown eye is a blue eye. Say what? Here’s how one scientist broke it down:

“People with blue eyes have a completely colourless stroma with no pigment at all, and it also contains no excess collagen deposits. This means that all the light that enters it is scattered back into the atmosphere and as a result of the Tyndall effect, creates a blue hue. 

Interestingly, this means that blue eyes don’t actually have a set colour – it all depends on the amount of light available when you look at them.”

This whole thing is still being tested for safety but it will be interesting to see if this becomes popular if it is passed. Hey, maybe you can pay half price and go for the heterochromia look – one blue eye, one brown eye. David Bowie makes it work!

What do you think about this new breakthrough? Would you be willing to do it?



By snapme On Wednesday, March 18 th, 2015 · In Life