Getty photographer Kevin Frayer has documented a strange phenomenon which, he discovered, is actually very common in Chinese versions of the much loved Swedish chain IKEA: customers indulging in a short nap.

Travelling to Beijing he noticed scores of innocently snoozing people curled, stretched out, bent over, huddled and laying prone on every type of IKEA surface you could imagine. Testing the merchandise? Sure, in some cases. In others it appears it’s just herd mentality – if everyone else is getting some shut eye, why shouldn’t we? When in Rome, or in this case, China.

Check out the collection of images from Frayer below and go to his Instagram here to see more of his work. Via

frayer_01 frayer_02 frayer_04 frayer_05 frayer_06 frayer_07 frayer_08 frayer_09 frayer_010 frayer_011 frayer_013 frayer_014 frayer_015

By snapme On Wednesday, August 27 th, 2014 · In Art ,Life ,LOL