Pixar movies described in 140 characters or less

Can you sum up your favourite Pixar movie in 140 characters or less? Tweets, as you probably know, are limited to 140 characters and Pixar is asking you to describe fantastic movies like Up, Toy Story and A Bug’s Life in a tweet.

Here are some to get the ball rolling, You can get involved by using #Pixar140orLess

twitter_140_toystory twitter_140_bugslife twitter_140_toystorys twitter_140_monstersinc twitter_140_nemo twitter_140_incredibles twitter_140_cars twitter_140_ratatouille twitter_140_walle twitter_140_toystory3 twitter_140_cars2 twitter_140_brave twitter_140_mu

By snapme On Monday, October 27 th, 2014 · In Art ,Life