Puppy love: English Sheepdog sisters make perfect models in this series

Let this serve as your daily dose of cute. These two English Sheepdog sisters have been photographed frisking about the place like the best buds they are.

From playing on a see-saw, watching a sunset, leaning on a fence with identical pony tails, to wearing Santa hats around the Christmas tree, these adorable long-haired sisters certainly know how to ham it up for the camera.

In addition to the duo shots, the two sisters – named Sophie (6 years-old) and Sarah (4 years-old) – also appear alongside other members of their family as they ramble across beautiful Dutch and Austrian countryside.

Photographed by their owner and amateur photographer Cees Boll, you can see the series below. Via

sheepdog_sisters_01 sheepdog_sisters_02 sheepdog_sisters_03 sheepdog_sisters_04 sheepdog_sisters_05 sheepdog_sisters_06 sheepdog_sisters_08 sheepdog_sisters_09 sheepdog_sisters_010 sheepdog_sisters_011 sheepdog_sisters_012 sheepdog_sisters_013 sheepdog_sisters_014 sheepdog_sisters_015 sheepdog_sisters_016 sheepdog_sisters_017 sheepdog_sisters_018 sheepdog_sisters_019 sheepdog_sisters_020 sheepdog_sisters_021 sheepdog_sisters_022 sheepdog_sisters_023 sheepdog_sisters_024

By snapme On Monday, March 16 th, 2015 · In Life ,LOL