Street artist Niels Meulman creates incredible calligraffiti

Heard of street water art? Sounds like a dilution of too many subcultures? Well don’t get up in arms: the work of Dutch artist Niels Meulman will surely convert you.

The incredible, fluid and artful technique of Niels, shot in bird’s eye view on the streets of the Netherlands where he lives, is rendered (amazingly) by a humble broom brush.

With nothing but a bucket of water, the broom and a concrete canvas, the results are pretty incredible. By the end of Niels’ calligraphic word things get a bit messy – but we consider those splashes to be beautiful flourishes. What do you think?

It’s all in the eye of the beholder. Check out the video where you can see his skill in motion:

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By snapme On Wednesday, March 18 th, 2015 · In Art ,Featured Artists ,Life