Tehran street style – women getting creative with government restrictions

The Tehran Times is Iran’s first street style blog, curating the finest in womenswear. The site showcases brave women getting creative with post-revolutionary government restrictions on what they wear.

Women must wear a headscarf and hide the shape of their bodies and yet in the images we see, more adventurous and courageous women are photographed wearing scarves that start further back – beyond their hairline – and pants that are slowly creeping further up their legs, sitting above their ankles. They wear bold and bright colours with fantastically ornate jewelry complimenting their style.

The site was started by designer Araz Fazaeli who was educated abroad and has returned to Iran. “To wear a scarf and these long manteaux (overcoat) and still manage to make it look very sophisticated is in itself a fashion trend in my eyes.

Are all Iranian women miserable or are all modernized? The answer is that they both exist, in all societies. As a designer who has always paid attention to women in society, I believe that the mere act of repeating people’s misery won’t do much to help them, but finding positive and motivating stories to amplify will educate and hopefully make a change.”

It’s great to see a side of Iran that is rarely shown in the media and exciting to see women asserting their own independence and style in the face of such a strict government.

As Fazaeli said: “What really impresses me when I travel to Iran is that I can see that people are dressing very colorful and I think that shows that people have a positive spirit and attitude towards life despite that many people have a hard time because of the economic situation brought on by the sanctions.

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