The beautiful and surreal self portraits of Kyle Thompson

21-year old Kyle Thompson started taking photos of himself at age 19. He suffered from anxiety and found creative outlet and a calming influence in photography. He had problems talking to strangers so started featuring himself in surreal and beautiful locations.

“These images show the collapse of narrative, as there is no defined story line with a beginning and end; instead, these images create a loop. This fleeting moment lives on in a constant unchanging state. By diverting the view of the face, the images become more ambiguous, the viewer is no longer able to tie a defined story line to the image.

I started taking self-portraits because I enjoyed going out alone. It was easiest because I am always available and I wanted some way to channel my emotions. I felt self-portraits were the most personal.”

Kyle quit his job as a pizza delivery man and now focuses on his art full time. You can see more of his work here.


thompson13 thompson11 thompson10 thompson9 thompson8 thompson6 thompson5 thompson4 thompson3 thompson2


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