Christopher DeLorenzo is a graphic artist and designer working out of Boston for clothing company Johnny Cupcakes. He specializes in clever and bold illustration work as well as branding and identity, and when he’s not at work he is pursuing personal projects and creating original and striking work to put on show on his Tumblr and portfolio. Drawing on popular culture, film, iconic references and lifestyle interests like skating and surfing, his line work is disciplined and restrained while each illustration feels playful and expressive. In the past his other clients have included Kiehl’s, Wired, Lincoln Motor Company and Sony. Take a look at a selection of DeLorenzo’s pieces below and go here to see even more.

c_delorenzo_03 c_delorenzo_04 c_delorenzo_05 c_delorenzo_06 c_delorenzo_07 c_delorenzo_08 c_delorenzo_09 c_delorenzo_010 c_delorenzo_011 c_delorenzo_012 c_delorenzo_013 c_delorenzo_014 c_delorenzo_015 c_delorenzo_016 c_delorenzo_017 c_delorenzo_018

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