The Perpetual Disappointments Diary

It’s already November and so many of our well-intentioned life goals and resolutions for 2014 now lie by the wayside. No we haven’t been to the gym 3 times a week or flossed twice daily or even cut down on our red wine intake. Enter The Perpetual Disappointments Diary which almost revels in our failings.

There are weekly demotivational proverbs and even lists of foreign language phrases like “I have destroyed my hire car” in Mandarin or “Do you have any cheap wine?” in German. There is space to list your imaginary enemies, people that don’t call and most important, all the ideas that you have never managed to follow through with.

The diary can be used for any year – just put a blue Monday sticker on at the start of the week and off you go. This is great for those of us that will inevitably use it for a few months before discarding it along with all our other brilliant plans, only to be dusted off around about this time next year, and start all over again.

You can watch the video below to learn more and purchase yours here.

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By snapme On Thursday, November 13 th, 2014 · In Life ,LOL