Etsy seller Alphonnsine is like that big sister we all need sometimes to give us words of wisdom, words to slap some sense into our silly heads, or words that just make us chuckle when the day has been too long. Taking key phrases and sassy, catchy sayings and making them into minimal and beautiful prints featuring cursive or typeset lettering, they tell it like it is and also decorate your walls in a cinch.

Our favourites are the three in the ‘hell’ series: Why the hell not, Shut the hell up and Oh to hell with it. Who can deny those would be pretty badass sitting side by side on a wall. Take a look at the rest of the prints on her Etsy page here.

alphonnsine_02 alphonnsine_04 alphonnsine_05 alphonnsine_06 alphonnsine_07 alphonnsine_08 alphonnsine_010 alphonnsine_011 alphonnsine_012 alphonnsine_013 alphonnsine_014alphonnsine_03 alphonnsine_01

By snapme On Thursday, April 10 th, 2014 · In Art ,Featured