Sometimes it’s not all about the most expensive oil paints or most cutting edge software technology: when you’re getting creative it’s often the things that are within reach of your fingertips that meet artistic challenges and exceed your expectations.

Such is the case with these truly awesome expressive little toilet roll faces, scrunched up by the artist Junior Fritz Jacquet into anthropomorphic figures with entertaining and hilarious features. And though the materials being used are mundane and the idea seems pretty simple, the results are extremely well executed: we see in these characters something Jim Henson-esque. These are some skilled little creatures and the paper work shows some masterful ability.

Take a look below at these toilet roll faces and go here to see more from the artist here. Via

junior_fritz_jacquet_01 junior_fritz_jacquet_02 junior_fritz_jacquet_04 junior_fritz_jacquet_05 junior_fritz_jacquet_06

By snapme On Thursday, August 14 th, 2014 · In Art ,Featured Artists