Voluptuous and ethereal model/actress Laetitia Casta was what you might call the thinking man’s Kate Upton back around the year 2000, and her beauty and jaw-dropping physique made her famous in fashion (she was the YSL bride one year, a big deal back then); she made Leonardo DiCaprio declare he had found god on their first meeting (she knocked him back) and was even the model one year when France updated their Marianne bust, the national symbol of France epitomized in a woman’s face.

There is no denying that Laetitia is one of a kind (well sort of, actually her younger sister Marie-Ange Casta is also pretty sublime and they look very similar) and even today, all but retired from modelling and mostly spending time raising her children, she can still look Sofia Loren stunning, as we see in her new campaign for Dolce&Gabanna perfume:

But it’s Tuesday so here are the real goods: this is the beautiful nude series she did with Patrick Demachelier in 1997.

By snapme On Tuesday, July 02 nd, 2013 · In NSFW