Danielle and Jodie Snyder are Dannijo, a jewelry label that mixes luxury with street wearbility and is already a big hit with celebrities Stateside. Their Tumblr by the same name captures many of the #LifeEnvy moments of jet-setting jewelry designers rubbing shoulders with models and drinking green juice in Mexico, but it also showcases a great deal of their jewelry in fun and rebloggable ways. Here are a collection of their image-jewelry collages that work so perfectly with the mix of retro and timeless glamour. Even if you don’t dig glitzy pieces a la Dannijo, image-lovers are sure to enjoy the clever collage styles the sisters are creating. Go to the site here to see much more.

dannijo_01 dannijo_02 dannijo_03 dannijo_04 dannijo_05 dannijo_06 dannijo_07 dannijo_08 dannijo_09 dannijo_010

By snapme On Saturday, May 10 th, 2014 · In Art ,Style ,Womenswear