The ultimate guide to pairing beer and cheese

beer and cheese

If there is a god, we think it’s fair to say (s)he’d love a good beer with cheese. Really, how could you not? The more traditional (and arguably more snobby) pairing of wine and cheese is fine and all, but there’s something about the slightly bitter and refreshing tingle of beer tempered by a salty, umami cheese. Mmm, heavenly.

Now cheddar and Pabst is all good if you’re into that kind of thing, but we’ve come to learn there is actually a pretty sophisticated art to pairing beer and cheese (why are we surprised? There’s even an art to pairing sandals with socks).

If you consider yourself a bit of a foodie and would like to take a little expedition into this adventurous new world of cheese and beer pairings, this dandy infographic will serve you very well. Listing all the classic grades of beer from light to dark, and the cheeses considered the best partners to each respective type, you’ve got your upcoming barbeques, card games, game nights and Oktoberfest’s all fixed and sorted.

Check out the infographic below for all the deets. Via

beer and cheese

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grilled cheese

What’s your favourite food to pair with beer? Tell us about it below:

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