We’re big fans of movie compilations here and frankly who isn’t? Not only do you get that nice quick scene change fix our ADD brains love and crave, we get to test our film knowledge and perhaps even catch glimpses of some films we have yet to discover.

This little piece of mastery is a twist on the classic compilation form, care of some clever folks at French animation studio HOTU. Rather than just splice together a bunch of movies deemed to somehow relate and then pop a nice tune on as the soundtrack, this compilation, called 87 Bounces, is centered around a wandering basketball making unscheduled guest appearances in scenes from 24 diverse and awesome flicks from today and back in the day.

Bouncing, rolling, shooting out and dribbling 87 times into scenes from The Big Lebowski, The Shining, Wolf of Wall Street, Spiderman, Men in Black, Forest Gump, Trainspotting and Kill Bill, it’s a quick, fun and clever little exercise in digital remastering. Hats off to the guys at HOTU. Via

In the mood for some more odd-ball compilations?
How about a collection of every dance scene with Christopher Walken ever filmed? Booyah.
christopher walken
Tough act to follow, but this might just do it: A compilation of every infamous introduction by famous Simpson’s character Troy McClure. It doesn’t get better than that.

troy mcclure

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