Watch: Hi I’m Troy McClure

This compilation video is a full 1.45 minutes of “Hi, I’m Troy McClure. You may remember me from such movies as …” And for all those die-hard fans, here is the full list of titles that McClure has claimed to have appeared in.

Personal favourites include: Christmas Ape goes to summer camp, The erotic adventures of Hercules, Look who’s still oinking, Troy and company’s summertime smile factory, Firecrackers: the silent killers and Mommy what’s wrong with that man’s face.

The voice behind the man, Phil Hartman, was tragically killed by his wife in 1998 when she shot him twice in the head while he was sleeping. His wife confessed to several friends before locking herself in the bathroom and committing suicide with the same handgun.

By snapme On Thursday, June 20 th, 2013 · In LOL ,Video